Subletting your Apartment

If you want to advertise your apartment to sublet for the summer, the best options to advertise are the Daily Illini newspaper and Craigslist.

You need to determine the dates of the sublease (ending date must be August 8th ore sooner) and the amount of rent you would like (remember you have already paid your last month’s rent in advance).  Generally, if you receive ½ of your rent for a sublet that is a good agreement.  If you can get more, then great!

You also need to decide if you would like for them to pay a deposit or not.   It is up to you, but if they do not pay a deposit, then you are responsible for the condition of the apartment when they leave.

Once you have found someone, schedule an appoint with our office to come in and sign a sublease agreement.   The new people can come at the same time with you, or separately.  If they are not in town, we can e-mail the sublease agreement to them.  We recommend you have them pay something at the time they sign the agreement; either the deposit or at least one month’s rent.

If you know you want to sublet, let us know and we will put you on our list and if we receive inquiries for subleasing, we will refer them to you.